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St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Breathing

Great for when you need to have a rest! Just start your finger at the asterisk * and trace around the shamrock. breathing in, a little hold, breathing out…

🇮🇪 ☘️ Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️ 🇮🇪

Junior and Senior Infants organised their very own parade to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. 😀 They were fantastic! ☘️🇮🇪
The older classes watched from their classrooms and they thought the Infants were brilliant!

Autism Class Enrolment

City Quay N.S. will open an Autism Class in September 2021 and applications for enrolment will be open from Monday 15th March 2021.

Applications are open to children with a professional recommendation for a Special Class placement and a diagnosis of Autism.

The links to the Admission Notice and Admissions Policy are below

Please see below for maps of City Quay, Westland Row, Ringsend and Meath Street and Merchants Quay Parishes, as referenced in the admissions policy

Covid 19 Policies

Below are 2 policies related to how we will operate City Quay N.S. in a safe manner during the pandemic.