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Money Box Challenge

After watching Ms McCaw’s video, remember to WhatsApp the amount of money in the moneybox to Ms McCaw (Junior and Senior Infants only, today!)

We have some more money problems that we’d like you to try today. Use the sheet for your class level and send in your answers. Good luck! :o)

It’s Numeracy Week in City Quay!

Welcome to Numeracy Week in City Quay. This week’s topic is money. Watch Ms Hennigan’s video above and then try to create your own “Coin Rubbing Tree”.

Coin Rubbing Tree

There will be prizes for anybody who takes part this week. We love to see your work so ask your parents/guardians to WhatsApp your pictures or videos to Ms McCaw on 0858330498.

We will be putting up new challenges every day so don’t forget to check them out! We will have a very special video from all the staff on Friday.

Nature Friday!

Take a look at these river birds Ms. Horan found! If you click on each you will find out their name and the sound they make! Very cool!

Can you spot any of these birds in your neighbourhood?

Thank you for all of your photos and videos! The staff are so impressed by everyone who has sent in their nature creations and observations!

To finish the week, try this mind-bending nature quiz about the wonderful world around us! Good Luck! 😉

Let’s get creative with nature!

Hi everyone! Check out the PowerPoint below of the beautiful pictures taken by Ms. Brennan whilst out for a walk. She spotted loads of different plants and flowers and also some lovely swans! Ms. Horan had the idea to practise your Mindful Square Breathing whilst looking at these lovely images!

Below are some ideas for what you could make with things you find in nature! 

Here’s a Woodland Fairy made from leaves.

Here are other ideas for designs you could make with leaves!

These simple designs can be made with twigs and flowers!

Watch these Nature videos -They might give you some good craft ideas!

Enjoy yourself and don’t forget to send in your natural materpieces!