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It’s Active Schools Week!

Junior and Senior Infants enjoyed and Active Walk and playtime in Markievicz House!









For the first time ever, City Quay NS is taking part in Active Schools Week. All classes are taking part in activities including a soccer tournament, rock climbing, fencing, obstacle courses, break dancing, football, swimming, basketball and even ballroom dancing!

Thank you to Ms. Kelly for organising it all. We can’t wait to fly our Active School flag! 

Amber Flag for positive mental health

6th Class are helping City Quay N.S. to get an Amber Flag this year. 

This flag recognises schools that promote positive mental health. 

We have completed the Friends for Life programme which promotes friendship, resilience and coping skills. 

6th Class came up with the idea to mentor a younger class. We asked 1st Class to get involved. They had a great chat with the children and everyone enjoyed sharing stories and getting to know each other. 

We are looking forward to the next mentoring session! 

6th Class visited William Fry

William Fry is a large law firm based near us in the Docklands and they decided to run a Green Week. 6th Class were asked to use all of their creativity and ingenuity to reuse and re-purpose some of the recycling waste that we throw out every day. They used green waste from our school and William Fry and came up with some really amazing creations which you can see below. They won prizes for the most useful, most creative and most ingenious constructions. 

We visited William Fry’s beautiful offices where we had loads of treats and listened to lots of different people tell us about all the people who work there. 6th Class asked loads of great questions about how long it took to study for their jobs and how much hard work they had to do!
6th Class’s projects are on display in the company’s canteen for the whole week so all of the staff will see them and hopefully they will think twice about how much waste they produce. Well done to 6th Class and their teacher. You should be very proud of yourselves!





Check out our fantastic Active Schools page!

Ms. Kelly and the Active Flag Committee are working hard to get us all moving more and sitting less. Check out all of their fantastic work on the Active Schools link at the top of this page or

Well done to everyone involved!