Sanitisation and good hygiene practice.

A clean environment includes frequent handwashing by everyone. All children and staff will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly throughout the school day. Informative posters have been placed by the sinks showing good handwashing technique and the teachers will all be revising and teaching good hygiene practice as a priority upon return.

Children are encouraged to use the new hand sanitisers located all around the school and to wash their hands before eating food, after using the toilet, after sneezing, coughing or blowing their nose and after coming in from the yard.

It is a good idea to practice handwashing with your child at home before school recommences. Below you’ll see the correct technique explained very well.


Given the need for good ventilation it may be cold and children should have their coats with them every day. When they arrive to school they will put their coats on the backs of their chairs and not in the cloakroom. (This is to avoid children being too close to one another in the cloakroom .)

Teachers will keep windows open as fully as possible when classrooms are not in use (during breaks and at end of school day) and partially open when the classrooms are in use.

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