This year, City Quay NS is trying their best to get an Active Schools Flag!


The Active School Flag is a Department of Education and Skills initiative supported by Healthy Ireland. The award recognises schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community.

Here at City Quay NS, we are going stay active and healthy and work as hard as we can to get our Active School Flag for 2017 – 2018 school year.



Find out more about the Active School Flag below:



Our Active School Flag Committee


We have a very hardworking team on our Active School Flag Committee. The committee is made up of two students from 4th , two students from 5th and two students from 6th class. Ms Kelly and Ms Rafter are the two teachers who are on the committee to help the members come up with ideas and strategies to make our school healthier and more active! 


Our Active School Flag



Here is our plan on how we are going to get Active!

Physical Education

  • The children have at least one hour of time-tabled P.E. every week. 
  • The 5 Strands of the curriculum are being taught in a broad and balanced way.  There is a unified time-table across all the classes and strands are taught in blocks throughout the year.
  • We prioritise a different strand of the curriculum to be developed each year.  This year we are working on Aquatics.  The girls in 2nd and 6th Class are taking part in swimming lessons in Markievitz. 6th Class are planning on completing their swim a mile challenge before Graduation. 
  • The P.E. equipment will be audited and checked in June. New equipment will be ordered as necessary.

Physical Activity

  • The children have physical activity breaks twice daily on dry days.  When it is wet the children engage in Active Breaks in their classroom.
  • During our Running Initiative, each class run laps of the school yard and try to reach as many Dublin Destinations as possible.  
  • All classes participate in ‘GoNoodle’ of the month. Different classes can nominate their choice to the Active School Committee.
  • The school organises Active Fundraisers each year including a Football and Basketball Marathon.
  • Class of the week and Class of the month prizes are active! These rewards can be used to engage in whatever physical activity each class decides – lots of classes have chosen extra PE!
  • City Quay will participate in Active Week 2018. Luckily, a lot of our students live close so they can make sure they walk to school all year round.
  • Soccer is offered to the boys before school with Ms Mc Caw on Wednesdays and Basketball is offered after School to the girls on Thursdays.
  • Ava facilitates a Dance Class during Wednesdays during Lunch Time.
  • 1st Class and 5th Class are doing Basketball in Trinity College this year.
  • 5th and 6th Class will do the Gold Boxing Programme with Michael Carruth.
  • City Quay 6 week Operation Transformation will take place in January!


  • The school is linked with Gloucester Street Sports Centre, Trinity College and Markievitz Swimming Pool.
  • As part of our  Active School Week, links were made with the local GAA Club, Break Dancing Class, Ballroom Dancing and Soccer Club.
  • Parents of children in the school were invited to participate in walks with Claire throughout Operation Transformation and healthy Cooking classes with Mark.
  • Parents have been invited to come to take part in ‘Active Games for Fun’.

 Active School Week

  • We completed our Active School Week in April this year – and we loved every minute!
  • During these the week the children experienced Circuits, extra PE, GAA, Soccer, Rock Climbing, Fencing, Ballroom Dancing, Basketball, Swimming, Nature walks, Playground visits and a Sports Day in Ringsend for 6th class! Check out the busy timetable on the Active School Week page.


Lunchtime Leaders

As part of our Active Flag, we have assigned ‘Lunchtime Pals’ to help keep everyone active and supervise and help out with our games on Yard. The yard is split into different sections so that everyone has a safe space to play fun and active games during the break time! Lunchtime pals are volunteers from 4th, 5th and 6th class, and the ‘Supervisors’ make sure that everyone is doing their duty on yard and they help to organise the Duties Rota with Ms. Conway. The lunchtime locker has our ‘Active Yard’ Games, list of equipment to be kept safe and the names of the Lunchtime Pals who are on each week. 


6th Class Lunchtime Pals


5th Class Lunchtime Pals


4th Class Lunchtime Pals





Lunchtime Pal Supervisors from 5th and 6th Class







Since September, we have been working hard to try and become active during the school day. We have even started to use GoNoodle and all of the class love using these Active Breaks throughout the school day. A GoNoodle of the month helped classroom teachers pick a video to begin with.


GoNoodle of the Month was: My Racing Heart




Ms Horan came up with the fantastic idea of using GoNoodle in her classroom last year to celebrate birthdays in an active way instead of giving out treats! The ‘Birthday Song’ on GoNoodle is used in Senior Infants to celebrate a student’s birthday at the end of the day!


We went on Nature Walks to keep active.


For Halloween, we dressed up and went down to the hall to show off our amazing costumes. After assembly, we had 4 minutes to quickly take off our costumes and get ready for the Whole School GoNoodle! Each class did ‘Bones Bones Bones!’ for the October GoNoodle of the Month in their classrooms to celebrate Halloween. We think D.E.A.D. (Drop Everything and Dance worked really well – and the word tied into Halloween too!)






Celebrating Student Sport Achievements


6th Class student with their Player of the Year Award


Senior Infant Student with a Swimming Award

 During the months of September, October, November and December, 5th Class and 6th Class participated in Dublin City Council’s and IABA ‘Gold Boxing Programme’ with Michael Carruth. The programme involved boxing with Michael and him giving the children taster sessions in the school before certain pupils were selected to train and compete. The students really enjoyed the experience of trying out a new sport and even won some medals! Well done to all of our boxing champions who took part in the competitions in the National Stadium.








December: Jingle Bell Rock out


For Christmas, we decided to hold a ‘Jingle Bell Rock Out’ for the whole school at 11:30am in the hall. We used the projector to display our favourite GoNoodle Videos and we danced and rocked until the bell rang at 12 noon for our Christmas Holidays!


November GoNoodle of the Month: Awesome Rainbows






January: Operation Transformation


Operation Transformation has begun in City Quay NS! Check out our Active Homework and Notices that are posted around the school. We want as many parents involved as possible!



We will be documenting our 6 week challenge here on the Active School Section of the website.

This week ( January 15th- 19th) is week 1 of Operation Transformation City Quay! We have started the fitness classes for parents on a Monday, Healthy Cooking for Parents on a Wednesday, Couch to 5k on a Friday. For the students of City Quay, the Active Committee worked hard finding out what other students wanted for Operation Transformation 2018. We have started ‘Move with Mark at 10:15 on a Thursday morning for the duration of the six weeks and we have started Fitness Classes during Yard Time for anyone who would like to get involved in the hall with Ava from 12:30- 1pm. Check out some of the photos below. 










Move With Mark





Fitness Wednesdays with Ava


Who is Mark? 

Mark Lacey is our local ‘Fitspiration’ who is holding our parents fitness class on a Monday and Cookery Class on a Wednesday. ‘Move with Mark’ involves the whole school and everyone is trying to reach their 60 minutes of exercise a day, target. Mark has completed 84 Marathons and 4 IronMans! He has ran countless races and holds lots of strength and conditioning classes in the gym across the road, daily!





Seachtain Na Gaeilge – Céilí Mór sa clós!

We had lots of fun learning how to do Irish Dancing. The whole school had an outdoor céili and Ms Brennan even had a healthy fruit party for after her céilí! 




Easter Whole School Dance Off!

Each class selected their favourite GoNoodle videos and due to the success at Christmas, we arranged an Easter Whole School Dance off! 




This year, City Quay is holding Active School Week from 23rd – 27th April 2018.


This is the first time City Quay NS has held Active School Week and we are very excited! We have a very busy week planned and cannot wait to get healthy and fit throughout the week.

Check out our timetable below: 

Active School Week City Quay 2018

We are replacing uniforms with Tracksuits and Active Homework will replace written homework too! The senior classes will fill out an Active Grid to make sure they are getting as much exercise as they can! We have prizes lined up throughout the week for ‘Active Student of the Week’ in every class. We have a GoNoodle competition running throughout the whole school to design a new GoNoodle Monster. It will be a very busy and active week indeed!


Infants’ Active Walk and Markievicz House Playground Activity

Junior and Senior Infants went on a walk and finished in Markievicz House Playground. The students got to play on the climbing frame and do a fun obstacle course!


Climbing the pyramid!

Junior and Senior Infants enjoyed and Active Walk and playtime in Markievicz House!

Fantastic coordination skills!


Junior Soccer Tournament – 1st Class, 2nd Class and 3rd Class

Thanks to Ms Mc Caw who organised a brilliant soccer Tournament. Check out our Yard decorations!


Fantastic Fencing and Crazy Climbing at Trinity College, Dublin!

4th class and 5th class got to try out fencing and rock climbing on Monday! They all said that they would love to go back and do it again!


Fencing time!

4th Class at the Climbing Wall

4th and 5th even got to duel!

5th class ready to climb!


Circuits with Miss Kelly

Miss Kelly held circuit classes throughout the week to get our heart rate up!


A tired 5th class after a very active session!





Miss Horan’s Obstacle Course!

Plenty of mobility and balance practice!


6th class showing off their balance skills

Teamwork to complete the Active Challenges!



Yummy Healthy lunches!

We always eat healthy here at City Quay! With out ‘no sweets as treats’ policy, we have replaced class prizes with active prizes such as extra PE, extra Yard or even swimming! 




Clanna Gael GAA Football Sessions

Johnny and Ciarán came down from Clanna Gael GAA to test our Gaelic Football skills and teach us some new moves! This partnership was a huge success, especially with the great weather while it lasted!


 Breakdancing with Dylan!

Past pupil Dylan Gregg, taught classes on hip hop and break dancing! We certainly got our blood pumping!

Ava’s Wednesday Dance Group

Thanks to Ava for joining us this week!

Brilliant moves from the Wednesday Lunchtime Dance Group!


Games for Fun with Parents

We even got the parents involced with Active School Week! As well as giving plenty of suggestions to take part in the Active Homework, we held a games for fun ‘Active Edition’ in the Hall!



1st Class play Basketball with Hugh

Throughout the year, we have made a partnership with Hugh in Trinity College Dublin to play Basketball. Hugh was kind enough to help out with our Active Week, hosting a Basketball skills and match session for 1st Class.




FAI Taster Sessions

Between Tuesday and Thursday, City Quay dusted off their football boots and trained with Johnathon and Ken from FAI.  the 45 minute sessions were a huge hit school wide!



Senior Basketball Tournament

Again, a huge thanks to Ms Mc Caw who organised a Basketball Tournament for the senior classes – 4th, 5th and 6th! Check out the teams below!


Final between Blues and Reds!


Basketball Training for Senior Girls Team

Training is in full swing since Ms Gray and Ms Kelly began coaching the girls Basketball Group! Ms Gray taught us how to do lay-ups and effective passing!


Ballroom Dancing 

Nicole and John were amazing showing us plenty of dance moves! We can’t believe we had John Nolan showing us steps – we saw him on Dancing With The Stars !

We did the Cha Cha Cha!

John Nolan from Dancing with the Stars taught us some dance moves with Nicole!




End of Active Week Celebration Assembly


On Friday, we celebrated the end of Active Week with lots of prizes and a showcase of our GoNoodle Active Monster Competition entries! We even performed our whole school Operation Transformation Dance with Ms. Rafter! Check out our photographs below. Each class had a winner for ‘Most Active Student’ and ‘GoNoodle Designer Award’. We were so proud of everyone who participated during Active Schools Week!




We can’t wait for ASW 2019! Stay tuned! 


April: 6th Class Chicks

6th studied how chicks grow and hatch ( and how they need to be active! ) with their project in SESE. The Whole School was delighted when the chicks hatched!




5th Class – Dragons Den!

These students won 1st place at their Dragon’s Den Competition with Quintillion Bank. They designed an amazing Active App. 



It’s National Walk to School Week! 

Try and walk to and from school this week, 14th May – 18th May 2018.

Walking is a brilliant way to get exercise and luckily, most of our pupils are within walking distance from school. 

An Taisce Green-Schools’ National Walk to School Week is a country-wide initiative which will result in thousands of pupils, their parents and teachers walking to and from school, to celebrate the environmental, health, social and financial benefits of active travel on the school journey. This is the tenth year Green-Schools has run National Walk to School Week, which will be promoted to over 2000 participating schools! 


Senior Infants and 1st Class enjoyed their Active Walk to the NCI for Zoom ahead with Books and the Education Showcase!


We love walking!

Taking a quick rest!

Active Yard Time!

We love being Active on Yard! The lunchtime pals even made signs for the juniors to find and challenge themselves. The ‘Do your talking as you’re walking’cards are great to remind us to move too! Let’s hope the good weather keeps up.


Active School Tours


Junior and Senior Infants walked over 8,000 steps during their Dublin Zoo School Tour! WOW!