Numeracy week on Money

Numeracy week kicked off on the 15th may and we have been learning all about the topic of money. We investigated coins, we separated and sorted the coppers , we used magnets to pick them up, we found out which european countries the coins came from, we took rubbings, we stamped coins with ink, we played shopping games and used the cash registers. At breaktime on Friday 19th we bought our school lunch for 10 c from the shopkeeper Michael in the Parents Room.

We had great fun as well as learning a lot! We are continuing our work in class this week and we are doing very hard sums about coins and money too! Help the children  practise at home and in the shops! . If you have any spare coins around the house (especially brown copper coins) help your children to have fun counting them!


Check out Early Learning Initiative on facebook for more photos including our super parent event at the end of the week!

6th Class Historians

9 of our 6th Class pupils took part in the Leaders and Learners exhibition in the GPO. They were invited back to be filmed at the museum and to represent our school. The GPO won an award from Trinity College for the exhibition and they were very impressed with our young historians. Well done to all the children involved, you did City Quay NS proud!IMG_0005 IMG_5989 Layout 1

Zoom Ahead exhibition May 3rd 2017

We had an amazing turnout of parents for our Zoom Ahead exhibition yesterday. The Zoom ahead pictures were beautiful and the children sang and behaved wonderfully well. Josephine Bleech (the director of the programme) was very impressed with how many brilliant parents and grandparents came to support their children and revel in their hard work during the project. Thank you to everyone who came and made it the huge success it was. Don’t forget to continue zooming ahead with books during these summer months!zoom ahead (1) zoom ahead (2) zoom ahead (3) zoom ahead (4)

Children’s Easter Raffle

The Children’s easter raffle was held after break in the sunshine and there were very some happy prizewinners! Thanks to everyone who organised and supported the raffle.

 Here is the winner of the 1st prize. IMG_6466


This is the winner of the 2nd prize. IMG_6467

The prizes were tempting and there were lots of them!IMG_6465

The following children also won an easter egg each



Kayla McD

Reece B





Leon M


Lauren D



Taylor S


Phoenix Lily

Brooke B

Darcy R

Lucas A

Dylan W B

Kerys S

Morgan O T M

Ruby G

Lacey S

Coady M