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Easter Hunt Tuesday April 4th

What a beautiful morning we got for the Infants Easter Hunt! We had a lovely walk to Chimney Park with our very own pink Easter Bunny and Melanie and Emma did a great job in organising the event with Catherine. Thanks to everyone! The Infants had a wonderful time and loved the chocolate eggs!

Numeracy Event with Junior and Senior Infants

Numeracy week in City Quay

It has been numeracy week all week this week and the infants  have been busy counting everything in sight!

numbers 2 numbers imagenumbers 2numbers image

Join in our counting video from 1 to 20

or try counting the animals on the farm!

maybe recite some counting rhymes like

10 Fat Sausages (2)

(click “slideshow” at the top and then click on “from beginning”),

or 5 Little Ducks


We looked at a new counting book we got from the Early Learning Intitative called “One is a Snail”. It counts the legs of the people and the animals! Try it and see! Or even better go get a copy of it for yourself at your local library!

one is a snail


Count with your child everywhere you go. Take the time to do some counting in the kitchen and in the park. The more your child practises counting real things in real life the better at counting they will be….and it’s FUN!!

****Don’t forget the numeracy event on in the hall Friday 17th February with Ms Rafter at 1 pm.


Numeracy week in the infant classes

The infant classes are enjoying numeracy week . Since there is so much we wanted to do we have dedicated a fortnight to the theme!

sign-9 sign-7 sign-6 sign-5 sign-4 sign-3

We are investigating signs in the environment.

We are looking at the red for danger signs.

We are thinking about the kind of  information the blue signs are telling us about.

We are wondering about the yellow warning signs.

We have looked at signs on construction sites, on walls, on electric gates, in people’s windows, on some letterboxes, inside and outside the school and on the roads. We have found out what shape and colour the signs are and if there is a picture on the sign we try to figure out what it is.

The infants went on a “signs in the environment” walk on Tuesday 29th November and many thanks to the parents who helped us out with that.

To view the powerpoint below just click to open. Then press “Slide show” (in a tab at the top) and then “from beginning” (top left)


We have also looked at signs on the packaging of things we buy and eat. Logos are special signs that companies have for their products.  Have a look at this powerpoint to see if you can work out what each image comes from. Why do you think companies use logos? Can you find any more this week?


Click below. Which of these signs does not belong? why?


sign-2sign-1 construction-signs