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Children’s Easter Raffle

The Children’s easter raffle was held after break in the sunshine and there were very some happy prizewinners! Thanks to everyone who organised and supported the raffle.

 Here is the winner of the 1st prize. IMG_6466


This is the winner of the 2nd prize. IMG_6467

The prizes were tempting and there were lots of them!IMG_6465

The following children also won an easter egg each



Kayla McD

Reece B





Leon M


Lauren D



Taylor S


Phoenix Lily

Brooke B

Darcy R

Lucas A

Dylan W B

Kerys S

Morgan O T M

Ruby G

Lacey S

Coady M



6th Class Baking

6th Class made beautiful scones this week. Thanks to Ms. Rafter for all the fantastic baking!IMG_7085 IMG_7069 IMG_7072 IMG_7074 IMG_7078 IMG_7082 IMG_7076 IMG_7083

Easter raffle


Many thanks to all those who helped with the Easter raffle this year and to those who bought tickets!

Well done to all the winners!!

IMG_6394 IMG_6393 IMG_6392 IMG_6391 IMG_6390 IMG_6388 IMG_6387 IMG_6389

Pancake Tuesday

march 026

A big Thank You to the parents who made pancakes on Pancake Tuesday.

march 023

Thumbs up from all the pupils who enjoyed eating the tasty pancakes.

march 024

It was all hands on deck- cooking pancakes and adding the right toppings!!

march 028

Lots of orders for chocolate spread.

march 025

Junior and Senior Infants enjoyed the tasty pancakes.