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Numeracy week nov 2018

Junior and Senior Infants went to the Zoo!

Mama Mia it’s week 3 in the 6th class bake off

And so we have reached week 3 and what better way to celebrate the beautiful weather than by making delicious pizza wraps. The winning team, The pizza Masters  added a winning touch with a smile face made out of pepperoni!

Two new Mammies came in to help and their pizza making skills added a touch of excitement to the pizza dough!

Well done to everyone.

Week Two in 6th Class Bake Off

Another successful week in our 6th Class Bake Off. The teams stayed the same but the new helpers added a dollop of excitement to the cookie dough. The recipe chosen today was a pupil’s own family recipe and it proved to be a delicious success. The winning Team who cleverly named themselves Cookie Dough created delicious cookies full to the brim with chocolate chips. Well done to all the teams, the judges found it difficult to choose just one winning team.