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Sanitisation and good hygiene practice.

A clean environment includes frequent handwashing by everyone. All children and staff will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly throughout the school day. Informative posters have been placed by the sinks showing good handwashing technique and the teachers will all be revising and teaching good hygiene practice as a priority upon return.

Children are encouraged to use the new hand sanitisers located all around the school and to wash their hands before eating food, after using the toilet, after sneezing, coughing or blowing their nose and after coming in from the yard.

It is a good idea to practice handwashing with your child at home before school recommences. Below you’ll see the correct technique explained very well.


Given the need for good ventilation it may be cold and children should have their coats with them every day. When they arrive to school they will put their coats on the backs of their chairs and not in the cloakroom. (This is to avoid children being too close to one another in the cloakroom .)

Teachers will keep windows open as fully as possible when classrooms are not in use (during breaks and at end of school day) and partially open when the classrooms are in use.

How to prevent the spread of Covid-19

The advice for all of us remains largely the same since the beginning, whether we are in school or at home. Handwashing, respiratory hygiene (covering our mouths when coughing or sneezing, disposing of any tissues in a bin), avoiding touching our face, regular cleaning and physical distancing will all help.

Knowing the symptoms is also as important as ever as nobody should come to school if displaying any symptoms of Coronavirus, or if a member of their household is, or if a member of their household is getting tested (or awaiting results of a test) Those returning from abroad should consult the latest governmental advice.

Common symptoms include:

Do not send you child to school if unwell.

If a child shows any symptoms of coronavirus during school hours then the principal or deputy principal will bring the child to a room away from other children and give them a mask to wear while their parents/guardians are called. Parents/guardians are advised to ring their gp promptly.

Entrances and exits

There are three entrances to the school. The children know the correct entrances to use now. The first one is the main entrance, the second is the Moss Street end of school entrance (beside the school stairs) and the final (new this year) entrance is at the Grant Thornton end of school. Pupils will continue to enter and exit the school at these specific points. Hopefully this will help keep Covid-19 from spreading by avoiding groups congregating at these drop-off and collection times. Please wear a mask and do your best to leave plenty of room between you and others when waiting for your child.

Entrance and Exit Points Number 
Grant Thornton end of school 1 
Main Entrance to School 2 
Moss Street end of school 3 

Entrance & Exit Points for Specific Classes 

Class Entrance & Exit Point 
Jun Inf 2 
Sen Inf 2 
1st  Class 1 
2nd Class 1 
3rd Class 1 
4th Class 3 
5th Class 3 
6th Class 3 

It is extremely important that, at drop-off and collection times. there is no congregating outside the school. At drop-off, please drop your child and go. At collection time, please be very mindful that the teachers and the students need to exit the building safely and at a 2-metre distance from everyone waiting.

At drop-off and collection times, please wear a mask and step back to give the teachers and pupils room to exit.

Inside the school building

Inside school, children are temperature tested first thing. Please do not send your child in to school if he or she is in anyway sick at all or if you have used calpol or nurofen to relieve a temperature in the previous 48 hours.

Children and staff use the elbow-operated hand-sanitiser units all around the school and there is warm water in all classrooms to help make handwashing even easier. Everyone in school is encouraged to wash / sanitise their hands regularly.

warm water to aid regular handwashing
Our child-friendly hand sanitising stations