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First class made their own game!

It’s a never ending game with no winners! They love playing it 😀


Thank You City Quay!





















We sent 88 beautiful, gift-filled shoeboxes to Africa. THANK YOU!!

Monster Doodle

Peter Donnelly an author who has written lots of books came to visit us last week. Second and third class went to meet him We went to the hall and there he was as well as lots ad lots of books kindly donated by William Fry solicitors. We told Peter how many eyes and feet and what kinds of things we wanted on our monster and after he drew one on the flipchart we started to draw out own. there was lots of paper on the floor and we used pastels and had great fun. Then we asked Peter lots of questions and read some of the gorgeous books that were on display. It was a great day!

Below you’ll find an (unofficial ) video clip of one of his books!

Halloween Assembly


Halloween in 3rd Class


City N.S. Green Schools Committee encouraged children to reuse and recycle materials when making their costumes. Fantastic effort! Well done to all the grown ups at home who helped.