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Flight of the Bumble Bee

First Class listened to the music ‘Flight of the bumble bee’ by Rimsky Kirsakov and painted beautiful pictures of the bumble bees in flight.

Numeracy Fun in First Class

We had lots of fun in First Class today learning about Capacity.

We also measured our height to investigate who is the tallest in our class.

Ms. Horan had a brilliant box filled with different sized cartons. It was super fun measuring how many spoons/cups/bottle tops and droppers it took to fill the cartons.

Football Tournament

1st, 2nd and 3rd Classes enjoyed a fantastic football tournament on Wednesday. Well done to everyone who played so well. The children’s behaviour was impeccable. 

Thanks to Ms. McCaw for organising the event.

Airfield with First and Second classes

The first and second classes together with their teachers went to Airfield farm and gardens in Dundrum on Monday 25th March . There was great excitement boarding the luas and the children were excellently behaved on it , making friends with the passengers as well as the revenue protection officers!!
They saw the cows being milked and the pigs and new lambs. Then they went into the hen area and collected the eggs. After that , we all had delicious hard boiled eggs and bread for a snack before a Luas safety talk and a wonderful time spent exploring the outdoors and the naturescape play areas.