Below are a selection of videos, pictures, stories and more which can help us to deal with our worries and anxieties. We hope you will find them helpful. 🤗

The Owl and the Guard Dog

This is a super video which helps explain what happens to our brains when we are worried or we get a fright. The Owl and The Guard Dog explains why we can sometimes get so stressed that we can’t even think straight – in brain terms it’s how the amygdala sometimes hijacks the pre-frontal cortex. It can really help us to feel better when we understand what is happening to our brains when we get anxious or worried.

How can I feel better?

A few days ago we were looking at how our bodies feel differently when we are worried. Now let’s plan what we can do to help ourselves feel calmer.

How are you feeling?

There are no bad feelings or good feelings, but some feelings are more difficult for us to deal with than others. All of us feel anxious and worried from time to time. At the moment, we may be feeling these things more often than at other times. It’s very helpful to notice what anxiety feels like in our bodies and then do something to help ourselves feel calmer.

You can use this list to help you describe how you feel.

You can also draw the different physical sensations you experience when you feel different emotions.

You can always try some of the breathing exercises, stories or videos below to help you feel calmer. We hope they help.

This is a fantastic free e-book which is ideal for helping children understand these unusual times.

Hi again from Ms. McElheron

We are together and we are safe

Ms. Gray recommended this lovely video, great for young children in particular, which might help anyone who is feeling nervous or worried.

And something for the parents and guardians… we have to mind ourselves too!

Square Breathing

Square breathing is a great technique which can help us to calm down when we’re feeling worried. You can do it anywhere, anytime. Give it a go!

Stories about Coronavirus

Stories are a helpful way to address children’s anxieties and answer difficult questions in these challenging times.

This is a great book for older kids, illustrated by the wonderful Axel Scheffler who also illustrated The Gruffalo.

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‘Dave the Dog’ is a particularly good one for younger children. You can download the book below or watch a video of it being read.

Breathe 5

A quick and easy breathing technique you can use anytime you feel worried or anxious.

Pizza Massage

All the 5th and 6th Class pupils will remember doing lots of Pizza Massages from their Friends for Life sessions. Here’s a short video explaining how to do it… give it a go!