Have a look at some of the amazing artwork that our pupils have created and all sorts of other interesting things they are doing at home during this time. We love to see all kinds of work so don’t just limit it to your art. Thank you everyone who has sent us in these!

Best wishes to all our 6th class pupils as we wave them good bye but hope to see them again soon.

“Once a City Quay pupil always a City Quay Pupil”!

We cannot believe it but this week is our last week of school term. We really enjoyed seeing many of you on your end of year zooms before the Summer holidays. Please don’t stop sending in pictures of any artwork, trips or indeed pictures of any thing at all that you’d like to share with us. The staff and other pupils and parents just love to see what you’re up to at home and all you have to do is send a picture to the school email cityquayns@hotmail.com or to Ms Mc Caw’s school mobile phone 085 8330498. Have safe and happy school holidays and we look forward to seeing you in September!


Wednesday was the graduation for our sixth class. Although we had to do it on zoom it was a lovely ceremony and lots of pupils also celebrated at home. Here’s Lacey with her special quarantined graduation tshirt and balloons. A lovely pic!

Lily and Rosie have been making shell lamps this week.

Lisette enjoyed spending her birthday money on Percy Pigs and her favourite magazine.

Manel has been drawing, cooking and writing this week. What a beautiful looking peacock. Great work all through this time Manel. Well done!

Maria was as creative as ever with her mum at home. The rock painted farm is just super! And look at all the sheep!

Lisette was busy making wonderful art as always and then she got out ‘n’ about on beautiful Bull Island.

Charlie and Mark are out ‘n’ about making chalk drawings.

Tanishka has drawn a great farm picture with a sheep and lambs. Not baaad!! ๐Ÿ™‚ In fact it’s fab! She’s also making sure she keeps active and flexible by practising her gymnastics.

Rim, Manel and Isaac are working til the end and enjoying the out ‘n’ about week.

Rosie and Lily have reenacted a page from one of their storybooks. Pink milk!

The toilet roll challenges came in thick and fast on Friday! Well done to Amber who made a snake!! Ms Rafter said she never thought of that before and it’s a brilliant idea.

Maria made a pair of toilet roll glasses! There’s another great idea. She also recreated a masterpiece called Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh. Just fabulous work! Well done!

Lacey made some lovely toilet roll people. They look great!

Rosie made a whole family of toilet roll people.

And these are Lily’s robot princesses along with a robot chameleon called Lucy.

Brooke and Mason enjoyed art week.

Mia made a toilet roll flower and toilet roll people. Good job Mia!

Macy made a very metallic looking robot! Well done on the use of foil there!


Ethan really enjoyed all the art activities and he got very good at making the open up folded surprise pictures. They’d make lovely cards. Well done!

Jay took a line for a walk and made a Ghost face with a toilet roll. Great work Jay!

Rosie and Lily have had a go at the how to draw videos on drawing flip flops and ice creams and Rosie also did some handprint art.

Anna and Amia are doing beautiful artwork. Everything from butterflies to summer’s days. They are also completing their workbook. One of the pages had a design your own robot page!

Jack and Charlie have drawn their summer’s day pictures which was Monday’s art challenge.

Lexi’s mummy helped her colour this in and she misses the teachers. Don’t worry Lexi we won’t be forgetting you and your beautiful name!

Lacey W took a line for a walk. Fantastic colouring Lacey!

Rim and Manel have really enjoyed all the art this week so far. Their creations are below!

Adam and Kenza are busy as bees completing workbook pages and art challenges.

Zack B has gone crazy for his new workbook and is giving his brain a real workout completing lots of pages. This is just one of many that he sent us.

Tanishka took a line for a walk and then made a super design of her own. Then she also had a go at drawing her own ice cream truck . We love the addition of the two children enjoying their ice cream at the bottom. Ms Horan should have done that in her one!

Mia has been watching Ms Maguire taking a line for a walk. This is her version.

Despite watching all the videos on Kandinsky that Ms Brennan sent her, Lisette chose to do some creative photography today . They’re very moody. Lisette calls them poetic photography! Thanks for those Lisette. Another great idea for our pupils to try.

Lily and Rosie have created an underwater scene. They must have been inspired by the first really rainy day in a long time today. It looks super girls!

Maria has drawn how a perfect summer day looks to her, she watched a video on how to make a sea reflection, liked it a lot and decided to recreate it and the third one is from the school website on how to draw a surfer – this is her version of it. She wants to do some more art this week, but her mum want her to do some schoolwork too! Everything in moderation Maria!!:)

Lauris has drawn his perfect Summer’s day. He’d love to be at a water park and here he has drawn his own one.

Ethan has sent in this beautiful picture.

Ellie has drawn the Simpsons. They’re fantastic Ellie!

Mia is loving the art week and this is a picture of the book Green eggs and ham and her surfer man

Lacey has drawn a great map and is continuing to do lots of work in her workbook. She loves her new workbook. She also did the icecream tower art . It’s great Lacey! Well done! We love the before and after pictures!

Rim, Isaac and Manel have been very busy together. They have done how to draw videos and drawn their ideal Summer’s day pictures as well as completing their workbook, handprint art and designing book covers.

Aadvik made his own stationery holder with old toilet rolls. Don’t forget to keep on saving your toilet rolls for Friday’s craft challenge! Well done Aadvik!

Lacey has been loving her zoom calls and even remembers to put up her hand when she would like a turn to speak!

She drew her perfect Summer’s day : The sun is shining, the slide is waiting and there’s a sand pit and swings too.

Layla is working hard on her schoolwork

Tanishka is also busy with her new workbook and must be painting every single day to produce such brilliant paintings.

Mia has drawn her ideal Summer day. We can see playgrounds and icecream trucks and butterflies and sunshine!

Tanishka drew her ideal Summer’s day and also painted her new money box she got after Numeracy Week. .

Zack is putting his brain to work using his copy and new workbook for his schoolwork as well as developing his creative side through drawing. Then, he’s enjoying the actual perfect Summer’s days we are having right now and getting some physical exercise too! Well done! The ideal combination!

Mason Healy is doing INCREDIBLE work on his new workbook .

Layla has been working hard on hers too. We are so glad you’re enjoying the workbooks.

Feel Good Friday is about feeling good and we are made some nutritious food which helps us to feel good. Ethan showed us his food hedgehog on zoom this morning and we are so glad he sent in a picture for everyone to see! It’s fantastic!

Finn got funky when making his pizza ๐Ÿ™‚

Jay has been working on his workbook this week and he also made an orange and banana slice teddy bear with a strawberry hat,

Lisette showed us her food art on zoom today and she called it “Miss Yellow”. Thank you Lisette!

This is Maria’s art work for the wellness week. First she and her mother decided to make a bird from seeds they had in the cupboard – two kinds of lentils (wholegrain green and french style), white beans and popping corn. Then her mother made the bird from cardboard and Maria decorated it with the seeds. Finally today, after seeing the other children’s work on the Zoom meeting, they decided to get even more creative and made fantastic food presentations including flowers, a kite, an owl and a fish. Incredible!

Rim and Manel tried out the food art challenge too. They are really super!

Mia made some watermelon fish with blueberry bubbles. Great job Mia!

Macy has been very busy doing beautiful drawings

Tanishka made a beautiful jar of happiness and wrote about some things she’s very grateful for.

Rim and Manel enjoyed Thankful Thursday’s activities too.

Kenza played the chatty Tuesday game complete with two whiteboards and all.

Lacey has got stuck in to her new workbook. We hope you’re all enjoying yours!

Lexi is enjoying her workbook too. Nothing beats a brand new copy or workbook!!

Kenza and Adam went outside to enjoy the fantastic weather we’ve had of late. It looks like they found an antler!!

Lexi headed outside to explore.

Layla had a go at Chatty Tuesday. She guessed her aunty Natasha’s answers Her aunty lives in Cork.

Tanishka has done some beautiful painting. Fantastic work Tanishka!

Lauris has had a mindful Monday. He went on his walk and found items with which to make a picture. He also wrote an account of it all.

Then he completed Chatty Tuesday with his cousin. Brilliant work Lauris!

Rim went on a mindful walk too. Look at the beautiful flower. It is called a fuschia (pronounced phew sha).

After watching the staff make fools of themselves saying the tongue twister both Ethan and Lauris sent us in their attempts. They were really good at it! Well done boys!

Numeracy week finished on Friday. Anna and Amia have been counting the money in their piggy banks.

Maria did coin rubbing art and counted the coins she drew on the paper. She calculated their total amount as 20 euro and 78 cents. She also drew circles using a coin to make a flower.

Adam and Kenza had a toy and book shop

Tanishka set up shop on her table.

Ethan set up shop on the floor and his mum took her time browsing before buying anything!

Lisette used her bedroom floor and it became a department store full of lots of lovely things to buy.

Morgan is hard at work in this picture. Having already gathered his coins in a box he rubbed a colourful money tree.

Ethan designed a coin. It’s a 2 euro coin. The numbered side has flowers around the edge and the other side is a sword fish in the ocean.

Jack did a lovely money tree drawing.

Lucas drew this very interesting picture this week. It has trains, passengers, tractors, strawberry drinks and friends. Thank you for sharing it with us Lucas! We are so glad you liked your recent prize.

Amber is hard at work for numeracy week.

Tanishka has drawn a beautiful balloon with coin rubbings in the centre. She also designed her own coins.

Lacey if only money did grow on trees. That’s beautiful. Well done!

Lacey is also thinking of setting up business to rival the local doughnut shops. Off Beat had better watch out!

And she has designed her own coin complete with a pot of gold as part of the design.

Chinmay has drawn his money tree. It has coins at the roots as well as on the branches.

Aadvik made coin rubbings people which was a great idea!

Anna and Amia have been cooking, baking and painting up a storm at home. These are absolutely sensational paintings girls! Thank you for sharing them!

Lily is working on Ms Mc Caw’s money maths

Rim and Isaac are enjoying numeracy week and counting their money…. before counting their bubbles.

Freddie and Reece are having no problem with the money problems!

Ethan is joining in numeracy week too. He loves maths! Keep up the good work Ethan!

Adam and Kenza are doing the numeracy week activities as well as enjoying lots of time outdoors afterwards. They’ve been to the park and to the beach.

Some of the lucky residents in Pearse House got a cookie mix to bake .

Lacey has drawn a beautiful picture for a Pearse House art competition. Its message is great. We are all in this together. Its hard not to hug your friends but its helping everyone in the country and indeed the whole world!

Zack has been working hard for numeracy week . He has been coin rubbing and devising restaurant menus and writing stories as well as doing lots of maths. Well done Zack B!

Mason and Brooke K have rubbed coins and created lovely money trees.

They have also been sorting coins into the right cups and it all looks great fun while learning. Well done Mason!

Skylar and Ruby want to break back in to the school they are missing it so much!

Lisette has been investigating cubist art and getting out and about in Phoenix Park. She gathered twigs there which she hopes to use to make a windchime and hang it on her balcony.

Maria made 3d models of the life cycle of the butterfly which she had been learning about and then integrated the nature and art to make a nature butterfly as well as some other gorgeous pictures. They are fantastic!!

Skylar has been out and about in nature and she even found a purple-tinged daisy on her travels! The yellow flowers in her photo on the left are dandelions and in the photo at the bottom right you can see the daisy she found! She also found some pine cones that she has in her hands.

Rim made a lovely leaf lady!

Her sister Manel made a beautiful picture of a dress from nature.

Zack went on a nature cycle to St Stephen’s Green park and then up by the canal. It looks like a lot of fun and look at all the beautiful nature they saw and photographed too. Thank you for sharing !

Tanishka has made a lovely leaf art picture

Mason has gone on a lovely walk and look at the very unusual place he found seashells in!

Maria has been busy doing her weekly activities and learning fractions by using cards which she made at home to make learning fractions easier. She also made Kindness week cards and sent them to her teachers which was a very kind thing to do.

Durga has astonished us with her patience and sent a photo of an incredible castle she built out of paper. It is magnificent. Exquisite. Well done!

Lillian really wanted to learn about space and so she looked at all of Ms Brennan’s wonderful webpages and then drew this fantastic picture .

Aze has been doing great school work at home. Ms Kelly really enjoyed talking with him and his mother on the zoom chat recently.

Tanishka did lots more drawing as usual. It is such a great activity and every picture she gets better!

Rim and Manel completed their kindness charts

Amber wrote thank you notes and completed her kindness colouring pages.

Lacey completed her kindness chart and also made a lovely thank you card for our frontline workers. Our frontline workers are the people who went to work while the rest of us were in lockdown. The rainbow is a symbol of hope. The sunshine will come after the rain.

Zack wrote a lovely kind note to the staff here in the school and drew and coloured pictures for kindness week.

Cathal made a thankyou card and a very nice chart.

Kenza and Adam did a lot of work for kindness week. Well done!

Reece and his brother really worked hard on all the kindness week activities.

Jay has been extra busy this past week, baking shortbread, drawing, and making kindness notes as well as keeping up with some schoolwork. Well done Jay! We are exhausted just looking at all you’ve accomplished this week!

Lisette has enjoyed completing her kindness week chart and has come up with a very creative idea of a special activity mat to keep her cat entertained.

Maia has been incredibly hardworking this week and has sent in some lovely pieces of work for us to admire. She has also baked a huge doughnut that looks really yummy! Well done Maia!

Chinmay has drawn out the diagrams for the breathing techniques Ms Mc Elheron showed us this week. We hope you’ll all try out this breathing. It helps to make you feel calm – especially if you’re anxious or worried or a bit frustrated at home. He also completed his kindness chart and made a lovely thankyou poster. Chinmay you’re the star! Well done!

Amber has been doing great chalk and rock painting during lockdown and has written her acrostic poem for her name . Well done Amber! Remarkable!

Lily and Rosie are busy as ever, writing , drawing and baking. Those shortbread look yummy!

Tanishka is giving Ms Rafter a run for her money this week and cooking up a storm. Looks delicious!She has also been folding clothes to be kind. Great work! Keep it up! Look at that kindness chart full up with a week’s kindnesses!

Reece has a simple message for us all this week. Beautifully put Reece! Well done!

He has also written a great acrostic poem using his name. Thank you for sending that in .

Chinmay has done a super drawing for kindness week. Isn’t that something? Well done!

He has also now completed his acrostic poem.

And he has written a lovely kindness card for a friend that cheered him up by with talking him on whats app. Make that effort to reach out and ring or text or facetime someone that may need cheering up. Inside, some people are feeling a little lonely sometimes and that’s normal because we are not seeing each other like we used to. .

Brooke has made cards for lots of people . Aren’t they lucky to get one? Receiving one of those would put a smile on anyone’s face.

Lauris has written about something on the subject of Kindness too. This story tells when he did something very kind for someone else. What’s incredible is how good HE felt after he did. Try it yourselves – being kind makes YOU feel good too!

Ms Kelly has sent another art idea to her class. This time there’s no toilet roll but lots of circles. Amber sent in her completed page. Beautiful Amber!

Tanishka has added to her expanding drawing collection.

Layla is doing a lot of great writing at home. She has done really well. We love the pink paper to match your outfit!

Macy is working away at home learning to write the days of the week. No one knows what day of the week it is anymore so well done Macy!

Jay is busy at work at home this week again. Last week he was also very busy completing the active week challenges!

Tanishka is spending a lot of time unleashing her inner artist -painting, drawing and colouring. She has sent in lots and lots of artwork – enough for a gallery we think! These are fabulous Tanishka. Well done!

It’s a while since Easter but Mason has got some new arrivals of the feathery variety! Look at his lovely chicks! When his parents heard schools wouldnโ€™t be reopening, they decided to get some pets! Fresh eggs daily sounded nice too! The chickens will be moving out the back garden next week, they should be big enough by then. During the week, the family will be converting the old dogโ€™s kennel into their new little house. The chickens are called Piper (sheโ€™s the loudest), Gucci and Mary (after their aunt) ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Finn and Ollie have been very busy at home lately too. They have been growing plants. They have been using the computer and getting outside. They have been playing with foam and making their own small world and they also made a beautiful family handprint frame. After learning all about Space last week they built a rocket and coloured it and played with it. Well done everybody!

Jessica and Lauren have created a lovely memento of this time with their family’s handprints.

Manel is writing, drawing and colouring as well as helping with the cooking. Great work !

Rim is very busy doing lots of work at home. She is reading words, doing sums and her writing, drawing and colouring is just beautiful! Well done!

Sums, writing and our absolute favourite …reading. It’s all happening at home. Well done!!

Darcy and Elise are doing art and craft activities together.

Cathal is doing lots of work, He has written another great story called The Invisible Dog and he is keeping well at home by washing his hands very carefully. He has written out a step by step procedure with pictures. It’s fantastic! Have a go yourselves when you next wash your hands!

Brooke is working hard on all the work for the week and tries to do as much of it as possible. That is brilliant Brooke! Like you are!

Ryan and his sister took on Ms Kelly’s challenge to draw on some tissue and really did extremely well! Wait ’til you take on next week’s active week challenges!

John had a go too! Well done John!

This time at home could be the beginning of an entire career for Darragh. He must have worked for weeks on this fantastic comic. It is incredible!! When not drawing or writing Darragh unleashed his creativity on his wall with some chalk. You should be very proud Darragh. We are in awe of your talents.

Skylar is just beaming in this photo and no wonder why! Just look at those beautiful pieces of art! That page filled to the brim on the left must have taken you ages, Skylar but it was well worth the effort. We love it!

Lilian has told us one of the things she has enjoyed since being at home so much is the extra time to get creative. She has done some beautiful artwork as a result. Well done and keep it up Lilian!

Lily and Rosie have been getting very creative too. Lovely job girls! We can imagine that was great fun!!

Coady has continued to remember to wash his hands frequently and drew a great poster to remind everyone. Thank you Coady. It’s really lovely.

Jack is working hard at his home school. We really like how he writes a number for his check-in on his mood each day and we think it’s a great idea to choose a board game that you’ll play later that day too!

Kenza is really trying hard at her school work too and has done some great writing recently.

Isaac is really missing school. All the teachers are too. They’d love to be back in the classroom. Isaac drew his classroom with the lesson all about his favourite topic- animals! Thank you Isaac – it’s a great picture and the lion and elephant are really clear on the board!

Lily and Rosie baked delicious brown bread for their lunch and then afterwards got down to some writing work.

Cathal drew a fantastic picture for Earth Day and on top of that he wrote a fabulous story! We love strawberries! And just look at that lovely writing and presentation! Truly brilliant stuff!!! Thank you for sending us those in and keep up the good work!

Kaidi is watching her plant grow at home. It is getting big! We can’t imagine how much growing all of you children are doing!!

Layla’s mammy sent us a beautiful Hungry Caterpillar she drew at home. What a smile!! Thank you so much for the beautiful drawing as well as the beautiful smile!


Jack drew a beautiful picture to celebrate Earth Day. This year’s theme is climate action . Earth Day has been celebrated every April 22nd since 1970. The main aim of Earth Day is to raise awareness on the negative impact our actions as mankind have on our environment and earth as a whole. Thank you for highlighting it Jack!

A big thank you to Jodie who came up with the idea of an art competition. She has done some lovely artwork herself. Thank you Jodie!

Lisette found it hard to get back to school work after the Easter holidays but her mum made it fun for her. This is what she wrote about the day’s activities.

Maths: Lisette made cards with the 7 times table, one side with the equation, the other with the result. we put all the cards in a pouch and whenever Lisette drew a card, she had to guess either the result, either the equation. That was fun!
Science: mixing liquids. We did 2 different experiments which turned out to be very different indeed! That was fun too! We will keep them to rest until tomorrow as liquids are still mixing at this time (it is a very slow process it seems…) and tomorrow we will try to put objects in it, see if they float or sink…
DIY: yesterday, Lisette recycled an empty tea box and turned it into a box to put all her cat’s toys in it… The cat seems to love it ๐Ÿ™‚

We love your great ideas! Well done!! And thank you so much for taking the time to get in touch with us .

Jay is having great fun at home and learning at the same time! Wonderful work Jay! We can see you playing, using your imagination, using your tablet, learning letters and numbers and taking exercise. That’s a great mix of activities!! Brilliant!!

Sienna is studying The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Ms Gray and all the teachers love that book! Well done Sienna!!

She has also made an absolutely beautiful Easter Bonnet. Have a look at that!

Freddie is working very hard and he’s writing numbers and letters at home. Good job Freddie!

Ethan is turning in to a professional cook by the looks of things! What a masterpiece! It looks truly delicious!

Charlie has built a robot. He sends best wishes to Ms Gray in particular and we here at the school send them back Charlie! Thank you to his parents for sending that in to us.

The Maloney family put in four entries to the competition. They are all beautiful colourful pictures and one person even mentions that they miss Irish, Maths and football. We all do !! Thank you for those!!

Cillian has done great drawing for the easter competition. We think possibly he found a good use for all those cardboard toilet roll tubes!!Well done!! His mum tells us he is missing all his friends as I’m sure you all are.

Lauris has drawn a very realistic newly hatched chick coming out of an egg for the competition entry. Wonderful!

Coady’s mum sent in his fabulous drawing entry to the competition. Even though there are lots of eggs all around the bunny he still is eating his carrot first !! What a clever rabbit!

Chinmay has been hard at work over the Easter and done some beautiful drawing. Incredible detail. Fantastic!!

Rim has been so very busy!! Drawing, painting, learning, reading, colouring and skipping!!! Keep up the good work!!

Tanishka sent us in this beautiful picture for the competition

Ruby made a bunny for us as her entry to the competition. She used a model like all good artists! It looks just like her pet! She used all recycled items and painted stones too. Well done Ruby!

The Cooney family have made some lovely artwork to remember this time by and it has a lovely message. The boys have also made gorgeous easter bunnies artwork. Well done to everyone!!

Lacey has worked very hard on her Easter art competition entries. Four!! Wow! Thank you!

Lucas is having fun at home playing dress up with his sister

Mason has done some beautiful work for the Easter art Competition and he and his sister love to keep an eye on the website for what everyone else is up to at home! Thanks! We hope that Easter Bunny was good to you!

Lily and Rosie have been working on their Easter art competition entries as well as baking easter goodies. Great work girls! Thank you!

Adam and Kenza have been very busy creating their very creative competition entries for our Easter Art competition. They will look fantastic over the Easter in their home. Well done!

Layla has been hard at work creating a beautiful glittery competition entry. Lovely work!

Adam is baking Easter goodies with the help of his sister.

The Keating family are busy crafting and baking but we are asked to note that the photos don’t show how much they are missing their school and their teachers. We in the school miss you too!

Mason has also finished his own entry for the school art competition. Well done! Looking so colourful!

And Brooke did this beautiful pop out picture for the competition. It’s really great!

Mark is looking after his sunflower really well.

growing well

Roman is learning lots of new English words for the parts of his body.

Macy is missing school but doing beautiful drawing at home.

missing school

Lisette is very busy making beautiful origami, her own jigsaw, running up and down the stairs to keep fit and learning to play Twinkle Twinkle on the violin .

playing violin
making her own jigsaw
a paper origami bird

Lucas is enjoying being at home too.

fun times