Autism Class Enrolment

City Quay N.S. will open an Autism Class in September 2021 and applications for enrolment will be open from Monday 15th March 2021.

Applications are open to children with a professional recommendation for a Special Class placement and a diagnosis of Autism.

The links to the Admission Notice and Admissions Policy are below

City Quay N.S.’s enrolment application form for both the Autism Class and Mainstream Classes may be downloaded here 👇

Please see below for maps of City Quay, Westland Row, Ringsend and Meath Street and Merchants Quay Parishes, as referenced in the admissions policy.


Children in City Quay wear their uniform on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The uniform is a crested jumper, blue shirt, navy tie and a navy dress/skirt or navy trousers. On Thursdays and Fridays children wear their City Quay tracksuit, a blue collared T-shirt and suitable shoes for P.E.

Our City Quay N.S. uniforms are provided by Grants Uniforms.

You can access their online shop here 👇